Amazon Delivery Fleet Management Software

Avoid Vehicle Downtime and Stay Ahead of Preventative Maintenance Issues

Increase Your Amazon Incentive Payouts
Achieve Fantastic Plus Status

Easy and Efficient

Simplify your fleet operations. Manage everything, from inspections to vehicle maintenance, using Driveroo’s digital dashboard.

Your Perfect Fit

Don’t settle for generic software. Get a customized solution that matches the specific requirements of your Amazon delivery fleet.

Ask Roo – Your Concierge

Let Roo work for you. Your Driveroo Concierge is always on-call to optimize your software, integrate your processes, and set up the reports and features you need.

Driveroo Fleet Quick Start for Amazon DSP

Shedule live session with Driveroo Concierge
to set up a demo account

What Our Customers Say

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