Driveroo Fleet
Management Software

Easy, Efficient and Tailored to Fit Your Fleet

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Simplicity by Design

Manage complex fleet operations with an intuitive digital Dashboard designed to simplify the workflows of everyone in your business

A Custom Fit

Customize your Driveroo software to match the specific needs of any fleet, large or small, in any industry, from transportation to next-day delivery

Concierge Service

We configure your software to integrate all your processes, reports and features – putting you firmly in the driving seat. Just Ask Roo!

Easy, mobile and web Fleet Management that puts You In Control

Get a 360° view of your fleet operations with easy, fast digital inspections, real-time availability to data and work status. Ensure more responsive, lower cost maintenance and monitor critical business metrics such as fuel consumption service availability, planned maintenance and more.


eDVIR: Verified Inspections

Streamline the vehicle inspection process to minimize downtime, maintain vehicle health and ensure legal compliance. The intelligent mobile app empowers drivers to complete inspections without the paperwork – all in a few quick and easy steps.

Scheduled Maintenance

Design preventative maintenance schedules based on vehicle mileage or vehicle inspection data. Set up custom vehicle maintenance reminders for managers, drivers and everyone in your team.

Work Order Tracking

Assign maintenance tasks and track the progress of work orders. Share work-order completion data, repair costs, and more. Automate routine maintenance processes for maximum efficiency.

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Proactive Driver Management

Ensure driver behavior complies with the rules surrounding rest breaks. Assign drivers to specific vehicles based on current availability. Receive notifications of missed or incomplete inspections.


View the real-time location of your vehicles. Get alerts when drivers stray outside designated zones, or when vehicles leave a specified location without a completed vehicle inspection.

Document Management

Ensure that all licensing and registration documentation stays up-to-date. Securely store and manage any records online, and assign individual access rights to drivers, managers and other members of your team.

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360 Degree Visibility To Operations

Real-time Data Visibility

Instant access to inspections, checklists, incident reports and task completion status.

Reminders and Alerts

Improve team productivity and simplify handoffs between team members.

Business Insight at Your Fingertips

Create dashboards with custom KPIs, track trends and monitor costs.

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See How Driveroo Works

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At my company, our mission is to continue to provide the absolute best in remembrance services. To do so, it’s critical that we maintain a quality fleet, prior to Driveroo we could only be reactive, now we have the transparency required to maintain our Fleets in their best possible condition.


Every time my business grew the overhead of maintaining my fleet went up exponentially. I would not have been able to double my business this year without implementing Driveroo Fleet.

Amazon Last Mile Fleet Company

We have been using Driveroo in our shop for a couple of weeks now and as the service writer actually seeing the inspection with pictures and then being able to send them over to my customers has been amazing! Seeing things helps me be more confident in what I am selling. And our customers absolutely love being able to see what’s going on and makes it a much more transparent process!

Service Advisor

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