Easy, Digital Equipment Inspection

Ensure equipment availability, keep maintenance costs low and extend equipment life by empowering operators with a fast, easy digital inspection tool available on any mobile device

Easier and Faster

Mobile, fully visual, guided digital workflows streamline tasks and ensure consistency and quality for all skill levels

A Custom Fit

Driveroo easily adapts to fit your business with the flexibility to add custom tasks or minimize the options for simplicity

Instant Information

Complete data collection automated, with real-time visibility, trends and KPI data available and auditable 24/7 in the cloud

Paper Forms Are Reducing Equipment Availability

Missed inspections, lost forms and delays in collecting reports lead to costly and unnecessary repairs, and equipment downtime. Help your operators become accountable and your partners in maintaining a smoothly operating fleet.

Simplify Equipment Inspections

Streamline the inspection process with an asset-specific interface that incorporates inspection checklists within a smart online inspection form. Just follow the easy in-app inspection process and tap to check items, flag issues and share inspection data with any member of your team in real time.

Prevent Job Delays

Prevent job delays due to inoperable equipment. With Driveroo software you can cut the company’s percentage of emergency repairs almost in half.

Guarantee Integrity

Remotely get alerts on missed inspections, notifications about not finished inspection. Monitor inspection times, locations and quality. Keep operators happy, vehicles clean, safe and secure.

Driveroo Fleet

helps eliminate paper-based inefficiencies and inconsistencies, by making the transition to a digital workflow utterly simple.

Move Away From Paper

Improve uptime with the speed of a paperless system. The information from the field is coming in real-time. It gets you on a more proactive timeline with critical operation things.

Streamline Communication

Send alerts and notifications so everything reaches the right people at the right time. View inspection reports instantly when inspections are completed in the mobile app, and take action right away to address any flagged issues.

Stay in Control of Maintenance

Eliminate equipment downtime, simply by staying on top of preventative maintenance, which Driveroo ensures through easy access and analyzing key data.

Increase Efficiency

Digital inspection reports greatly contribute to cooperation with outside vendors and the timeliness of the reports maximizes the time in the field.
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