OSHA Compliant Daily Forklift Inspection Reports

Digitize Your Forklift Inspection Forms and Improve Fleet Maintenance

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Simplicity by Design

Complete forklift inspections in minutes using a refreshingly simple graphical interface for faster data input.

A Custom Fit

Configure the inspection process to perfectly meet the needs of your forklift fleet and align with regulations.

Concierge Service

Your dedicated Driveroo Concierge will customize and configure your settings, so your inspection processes are optimized.

Compliance Without the Hassle

Get a real-time digital inspection record so you can be confident your forklift operators are complying with OSHA rules.

Easier Daily Inspection Routines

Schedule reminder notifications for your forklift drivers and get alerts when daily forklift inspections are overdue.

Custom-Designed Workflows

Customize your software to integrate the specific procedures relevant to your organization, so everything works smoothly for managers and operators.

Forklift inspection software that helps you work smarter

Connect with Driveroo Concierge to Сustomize your Experience so you Can Start Using the Software that Works for you.

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Faster Forklift Inspections

Maintain a healthy and compliant forklift fleet through a swift and efficient digital inspection process. Our smart mobile app empowers your operators to complete forklift inspections in minutes thanks to its asset-specific graphical interface.

Customized for Your Fleet

Your fleet is unique, so why settle for a one-size solution? Driveroo forklift inspection software gives you the flexibility to add, delete and edit inspection items that match the specific needs of your fleet. Finetune your settings to achieve your perfect inspection process, and make easy adjustments at any time.

Keep your Forklifts in Action

Make a 20% saving on unplanned maintenance costs by taking proactive action to resolve issues before they become more serious. Using their Driveroo supervisor dashboard, managers can monitor forklift inspection records, customize maintenance schedules, and set up automatic maintenance alerts, reminders, and tasks for operators and technicians.

Compliance is Easy

Driveroo empowers you to reduce the time, effort, and resources that you spend on asset compliance. The forklift inspection app makes it easy for fleet managers and forklift operators to comply with OSHA regulations – helping you avoid fines, prevent downtime and reduce overheads.

Manage my Inspections


How often do we need to inspect our forklifts?

For how long should we keep our forklift daily inspection sheets?

Where can I get a sample Driveroo forklift inspection report?

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