Intelligent Fleet Maintenance

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Fleet Maintenance Software for ALL

Driveroo caters to fleets of all sizes. Easy-to-use and affordable, Driveroo makes sure your fleet is taken care of

Enter the Cloud

Driveroo brings fleet maintenance software to the cloud. Leave pen and paper behind! Driveroo’s mobile app and fleet dashboard is 100% digital and available wherever you go. All data and reports are real-time updated through the online dashboard

Manage your Fleet Operations

Driveroo offers basic fleet management FREE of charge. Access vehicles and driver location with no monthly fee. Maintain and track your fleet through the Driveroo dashboard

Fleet Inspections

Driveroo’s electronic pre/post trip inspections (eDVIR) make compliance easy! Using visual Turbographics™ technology, drivers simply tap on the area of the vehicle to inspect. eDVIR’s require little to no training, and their intuitive design makes inspection faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

  • Easy-to-use, no training required
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Synced with Driveroo dashboard

Driveroo fleet inspection software is 100% custom for each fleet. Depending on your DOT form and standards, we will generate custom inspections to meet your needs. Simply send us a copy of your DOT form, and we will create a Demo inspection.

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Repair Approvals & Estimates

Driveroo’s approval feature allows fleet managers to approve individual repairs for fleet vehicles.

Once a shop submits a repair estimate/quote, you can approve online none, some, or all of the repairs, depending on their priority and urgency. With instant approvals, repair workflow is optimized and repairs are handled worry-free.

  • Instantly order repairs
  • AI-predicted inspection
  • Streamline workflow
  • Save on repairs
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Repair Approvals

A Great Tracking App for All Your Vehicles

Driveroo offers mobile-based GPS tracking of your fleet. Drivers are connected to GPS through the driver app, and all location data is synced through the dashboard.
Stay connected and informed about the location of your fleet with Driveroo.

Driveroo’s fleet driver app allows for information-driven fleet management. Accident reports are taken on the app, and drivers use the camera to document evidence
of damage. The Driveroo Mobile App allows fleet managers to effectively track their
fleet state without any additional specific devices.

  • Ease-of-access
  • Mobile availability
  • More efficient
  • Available 24/7
  • Instantly approve repairs
  • Choose which line-items are needed
  • Understand fleet condition
  • Proactively maintain fleet

Super Easy Syncing with Your
Web Dashboard Via Cloud Services

The Driveroo dashboard is a one-stop gateway for fleet managers. All reports and eDVIR’s sync digitally and instantly with the dashboard: access from anywhere, 24/7. Access maintenance schedules, approve repairs, and track accidents all within the dashboard.


Digital Automotive Network

Driveroo fleet maintenance software connects your fleet to the large independent digital shop network. Conduct in-house repairs, choose a preferred shop, or connect with a certified repair facility. Order repairs and maintenance instantly from the Driveroo app, and all information is sent to the shops

Cost Tracking

The Driveroo dashboard integrates metrics and analytics to track costs and revenue for your fleet. Every repair, accident, or approval report is automatically factored into the dashboard. An effective information display enables efficient fleet management. With Driveroo, you stay informed on the economic condition of your fleet

Preventive and Proactive Maintenance

Driveroo revolutionizes fleet maintenance software with AI prediction of vehicle failure and repair. Using data gathered from repair histories, Driveroo predicts which areas are most likely to fail in your vehicles and specifically prompts their inspection. By proactively inspecting weak points and seeking preventive measures, Driveroo decreases downtime and increases revenue, helping your fleet last



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