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  • Boost efficiency by moving to digital inspections
  • Get started in seconds, no training
  • Increase turnover and reduce error
  • Generate reports that sell repair work
  • Drastically increases repair approvals rate
  • Easily manage customers

Driveroo Inspector App

A powerful easy to use digital vehicle inspection tool proven to sell more repair work


The inspection process is customized to reflect your specific needs

Unlimited storage

Support your report with as many pictures or videos as any given inspection requires

Feature-rich interface

Simple VIN scanner, voice-to-text converter, photo editing, video storage

Visual Input Technology

Helps streamline the inspection process

Unlimited pictures with editing and markup

A picture is worth a thousand words. Convey messages with easy to understand snapshots, add comments if necessary

Revenue generating reports

Communicate with customers through visually appealing and transparent reports that help you sell more repairs

Engage customers

Direct communication with customers from a mobile device, including texting or emailing vehicle photos, can speed up the approval process


Easily Share Repair Estimates and Catch Customers Approvals

Create inspection reports with repair estimates that make it easy for customers to understand and approve repairs. Include an unlimited number of pictures, videos add comments and highlight the key issues. The report is supported by recommendations to help customers evaluate the urgency of the repair.

Driveroo Report is the only one of its kind allowing customers to accept or decline repairs with a single tap of a button. By-line repairs are outlined in the inspection report supported by the technician’s comments, pictures, and highlights. Each Driveroo report provides information on repair estimates, allowing customers to review and approve repairs straight from their phone.

Each item that requiring action shows an estimated cost of the repair. The customer can make Increased transparency removes customer doubt, reduces friction and facilitates the decision process for the customer.

Driveroo report is easily shared and accessed via a link on any mobile device.

  • Shared by text or email
  • Available for print
  • No app required for the customer
  • Receive repair approvals instantly
  • Enable customers to communicate with the shop from the report
  • Present customers with pictures, videos, and notes

Calculate your gains by switching to Driveroo Inspector
Use the following formula:

Average Repair Order Amount (ARO) x Number of DVIs Completed x 1.4 (40% is an average increase in ARO when using DVI)

Driveroo technology will make your busy shop more efficient
  • Manage account and profile
  • View vehicle inspection history
  • View financial transactions
  • View and manage inspection progress
  • Forward service recommendations and estimate directly to the customer
Return On Investment

Use us for free for 21 days and see a 20% top-line increase

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Driveroo Inspector features and benefits:
Streamline inspections through visual input technology Simply touch images of inspection items and tap pre-populated answer choices
Start service instantly with an accurate VIN scanner Works on most mobile devices with camera to capture VIN and convert to text entry
Include unlimited pictures & videos at each inspection point Clear visuals provide transparency to your customer to see what you see and hear what you say. Annotate the pictures with notes and diagrams.
Add detailed comments and recommendations Save time and communicate with clarity. Use voice-to-text to save time.
Include detailed repair estimates with inspection reports Pre-populates reasons for repair recommendations and allows for parts, labor, taxes and fees on any or all inspected items
Instant Repair Approvals from Customers with signature Share repair estimates with your customers via a link in a familiar shopping cart interface. Instantly capture customer signature. Boost your ARO, efficiency, and transparency.
Paperless workflow with unlimited cloud storage Save a forest of trees and keep your records secure and accessable from anywhere, anytime
Unlimited users and devices per shop location Single sign on, free updates and no app required for customers
Web interface for service advisors View inspections in progress, capture customer information, start services, edit your shop's profile with technician details, share inspection reports by SMS/text and email. On-line help button
Custom inspection reports Perform inspections in any sequence with pre-built inspection items that reflect your workflow process. Edit and update previous completed inspections
Free on line support Just a help button away, upload suggestions and improvements
Create your own branded reports Customized to match your shop's image
Customize text and email notifications Create customer reminders and notifications
License plate conversion to VIN Scan license plate and auto convert to VIN to start inspections


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