Driveroo Fleet Reveal

Simplify Your
Pre-Trip Inspection

With Driveroo Fleet Reveal the transition from paper to digital inspections is easy! Streamline your inspection workflow and receive personalized insight into your fleet.

Manage my Inspections

Simplicity by Design

Complete vehicle inspections in minutes using a fast visual input and a refreshingly simple user interface

A Custom Fit

Use the predefined inspection settings, or configure the process to perfectly match your inspection routines

Concierge Service

Your dedicated Driveroo Concierge will customize and configure your settings, so everything’s ready to go when you need it

Transform Your Paper Forms into a Seamless Digital Workflow

Paperless pre-trip software that helps you work smarter

Be Confident About Compliance

Ensure your drivers comply with DOT rules and get a real-time record of completed DVIR forms.

Stay On Top of Maintenance

View up-to-the-minute maintenance data and send reminders and work orders to connected members of your maintenance team.

Manage Daily Inspection Routines

Schedule reminder notifications for your drivers and get alerts when daily vehicle inspections are overdue.

Tailor Your Digital Workflow

Configure your software to integrate the specific procedures you need, so everything works seamlessly for fleet managers and drivers alike.

Connect with Driveroo Concierge, so we can customize your experience and you can begin using the Software that works for you.


Your fleet is unique. Driveroo Fleet Reveal allows you to inspect vehicles, trailers, machinery – whatever you need. Driveroo Concierge will configure the inspection settings to meet your requirements and make easy adjustments at any time.


Driveroo pre-trip inspection app empowers your drivers to inspect vehicles faster, easier and more accurately while allowing managers to prevent breakages and reduce repair costs.

Avoid Downtime

Decrease unplanned maintenance costs by at least 20%. Take proactive action on issues in your fleet before they become more serious.

Be Compliant

Our digital solution guarantees compliance on both ends of your fleet – both drivers and managers, preventing fines, reducing downtime and overhead.

How it Works

Step 1
Driver inspects the vehicle and records findings in the mobile app.
Step 2
Inspection report shows up in the Driveroo Fleet web platform.
Step 3
Fleet manager views driver inspection report and schedules maintenance or repairs.
Step 4
Vehicle repairs are completed and recorded against the original inspection report.
Step 5
Driver confirms any issues are resolved in the next inspection.
Step 6
Vehicle is road-ready and fully DOT compliant.
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