School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

External Inspection

Checked and OK May Require Attention Requires Immediate Attention
External Check Walk Around Bus: Front
Wipers & Washers
Left Headlights
Right Headlights
Left Front Turn Signal
Right Front Turn Signal
Left Front Amber Flashing light
Left Front Red Flashing light
Right Front Amber Flashing light
Right Front Red Flashing light
Crossing Arm
Front School Bus Sign
External Check Walk Around Bus: Left
Left side of bus Body/Paint
Left side mirror
Left side windows
Left side lights
Left rear tire & wheel
Left front tire & wheel
Stop Arm (School Bus)
External Check Walk Around Bus: Right
Right side of bus Body/Paint
Right side mirror
Right side windows
Right side lights
Right rear tire & wheel
Right front tire & wheel
Operation of service door
External Check Walk Around Bus: Rear
Rear Window/Hatch Glass
Left Tail Light Outer
Reverse Light left
Turn Signal Rear left
Left Rear Amber Flashing light
Left Rear Red Flashing light
Front Brake Left light
Right Tail Light Outer
Reverse Light right
Right Rear Turn Signal
Right Rear Amber Flashing light
Right Rear Red Flashing light
Right Brake light
Tail pipe
Emergency door & buzzer
Rear School Bus Sign
Under the Hood
Fluid leaks under bus
Loose wires
Hose connection
Belts in engine compartment
Engine Oil level
Radiator coolant level
Unusual engine noise
Exhaust system
Wheelchair lift

Internal Inspection

Checked and OK May Require Attention Requires Immediate Attention
Check Inside the Bus
Fans & Defroster
Stop Arm Control (Warning Control)
Inside mirrors
Brake pedal
Emergency Exists Not Blocked and in Working Order
First Aid Kit
Cleanliness of Interior
Condition of floor
Driver's seat and belt
Interior seat belts
Parking Brake or service brake
Dashboard Lights
ABS light
Brake Pressure light
Brake Alarm
Malfunction Indicator Lamp
Stop Engine light
Engine Warn light
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) light
Brake Air Front light
Brake Air Rear light
Low Fuel Pressure light
High Coolant Temp light
Diesel Particulate Filter Lamp
Check Transmission light
Transmission Temperature light
Coolant Level light
Hydraulic Fluid Temperature light
High Exhaust System Temperature light
Low Oil Pressure light

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