Seller Self InspectionEstimate Your Car Value

Sell faster. Saves 20% of your time

Sell for more. Earn up to 9% more

Eliminate the haggle. Verified condition/eliminates risks

Why a Driveroo Smart Self Inspection?

The Inspection report is a marketing tool for the car

Buyers are 4 times more likely to purchase cars with detailed condition reports.

Sellers get a 150% return on investment when reconditioning the car.

Data and Transparency reduces sales effort and shortens time to close by 25%.

Never wait again
to get a Seller Self Inspection!

Download the Driveroo App and do one Today

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    Driveroo Smart Self Inspection Process is Quick and Easy

    just 15 mins


    Follow guided process


    View the report


    Estimate your car value


    Get legitimate offer

    Help Me Sell

    Eliminate the haggle

    The Problem: Buyers and Sellers can not agree on the condition thus the price.
    The Solution: Driveroo.

    Knowing the actual condition unlocks up to $3,000 of potential value.

    Help Me Sell

    I listed my Toyota Corolla for $9,000 per KBB on Craigslist. In the first week, I got 20 inquiries 90% were Dealers who offered me the Trade-In price $6,000 site unseen. I would have traded it in for that price. I then did the Driveroo Smart Self Inspection, and was able to show my car is in Excellent condition. I re-posted the ad along with message only reasonable offers will be accepted. In the first week, I sold the car for almost the full asking!

    Thanks you Driveroo!

    Thomas, Happy Driveroo customer

    I buy and sell cars everyday, the formula is simple. Clean the car, perform any required reconditioning or maintenance, take the right pictures, post accurate detailed vehicle information and price at the right value.

    Damien X, Car Dealer

    Driveroo technology works for you

    • Driveroo is a Mobile-first experience delivered via the Cloud.
    • Driveroo is an Instant On-Demand platform matching cars with the best available technician. Scheduling is so 2000’s, who has time for that?
    • Driveroo is Smart with proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI). Driveroo AI learns with every service and predicts a problem before it arises. No way? Way!
    • Driveroo is an innovative Technology company with a tiny army of data geeks (ok, ok scientists). Driveroo geeks have integrated first and third party data sources that translate data into predictions.
    • Driveroo is Easy to use, the inspections are guided, specific to your car.
    • Driveroo is 100% Digital, no need for paper.
    • Driveroo Translates data into actionable results. The scoring engine understands the unique parameters of your car and makes it easy to understand condition and costs of repairs.
    • Driveroo is Turbo-Charged with rich graphical data input interfaces (that’s geek talk for pictures) allowing for faster and more precise services.
    • Driveroo provides a free Journal timeline for all cars. It’s like a Facebook for your car.
    • Driveroo Collects and Pays, Driveroo payments are processed by the latest PCI compliant payment processing and payment security technology.
    • Driveroo Protects your private, personal information.
    • Driveroo Integrates into your business. APIs are available.

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