Amazon Delivery Fleet Management Software

Avoid Vehicle Downtime and Stay Ahead of Preventative Maintenance Issues

Increase Your Amazon Incentive Payouts
Achieve Fantastic Plus Status

Easy and Efficient

Simplify your fleet operations. Manage everything, from inspections to vehicle maintenance, using Driveroo’s digital dashboard.

Your Perfect Fit

Don’t settle for generic software. Get a customized solution that matches the specific requirements of your Amazon delivery fleet.

Ask Roo – Your Concierge

Let Roo work for you. Your Driveroo Concierge is always on-call to optimize your software, integrate your processes, and set up the reports and features you need.

Driveroo Fleet

the web-based platform and mobile app
that provides a total solution for your Amazon fleet

Your Delivery Routes are Your Business

Protect your routes at less than 25¢ per day. Each route earns hundreds of dollars per day - protecting your earnings with a quarter is a no-brainer.

Standardize Accident Reporting

No more headaches with accident and incident reporting. We make it easy to create and send standard reports to insurance companies.

Leave Paperwork in the Past

Manage all your fleet operations and access all your fleet data wherever you are. With Driveroo you know exactly what is happening at all times.

Get Started Right Away

Driveroo’s web-based software and mobile app are super easy to use – no training necessary.

What Our Customers Say

Streamline Vehicle Inspections

Simplify your fleet inspection processes to avoid downtime and keep your vehicles safe, clean and compliant. The easy-to-use mobile app empowers drivers to complete inspections quickly and without the paperwork. Fleet Managers gain a detailed overview of the condition of every vehicle.

Stay in Control of Maintenance

Ensure your vehicles are never sidelined needlessly because of oversights in routine maintenance. Customize your maintenance schedules based on your inspection data, and set up automatic maintenance alerts, reminders, and tasks for members of your team.

Improve Driver Compliance

Ensure your drivers are happy and safe, whilst your vehicles are maintained to the highest standards. Get instant alerts when inspections are missed and monitor the time, location and result of each inspection in real time. Reward compliant drivers and deal with non-compliance issues based on clear facts and objective data.

See Driveroo Fleet in Action

Forget the Paper-Based Fleet Maintenance Nightmare
Make the Transition to a Digital Workflow

Visual Inspection Technology

  • Geo aware
  • Unlimited photos
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited signature capture
  • Smart inspection visibility

Fleet Repair and Maintenance

  • Work orders
  • Maintenance alerts
  • Maintenance tracking
  • Budget forecasting
  • Maintenance approvals
  • Vehicle recalls


  • Vin decoder
  • Notes
  • Driver assignment
  • Reporting and exports
  • Odometer/hours

Document Management

  • Driver documents
  • Vehicle documents
  • Group documents
  • Company documents
  • Private documents


  • Damage alert
  • Service Frequency Alerts
  • Maintenance Alert
  • Out of Area Inspection Alert


  • Maintenance reminders
  • Custom reminders
  • SMS/push/email
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