Driveroo Vehicle Inspections for Car Dealers


Associate Your Dealership With Trust

82% of Customers feel doubt when buying a used car. Driveroo helps dealers surpass customer apprehension by offering transparency on vehicle’s condition though a digital inspection. An available pre-purchase report on sight boosts confidence that the vehicle is safe and mechanically sound

Car Reconditioning made easy

Driveroo knows the true meaning of “time is money” for the dealers. That’s why we made used car reconditioning process a top priority building a network of highly trained ASE certified mechanics who can inspect your car in no time. Want to use your own technician? We made that possible with an easy to use SaaS app.

Grow Online Sales

79% of customers do their research online before visiting a dealership. By offering upfront condition report you build trust and reduce uncertainty for your buyers while increasing chances of closing the sale by removing the need to “shop around”

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Mobile App that Adds Value to Your Lot

Driveroo streamlines the process of pre purchase inspections to facilitate the purchasing process for both the dealer and the buyer.
Retain your customers and attract new ones by offering an upfront vehicle condition report that

  • Provides extensive information on necessary reconditioning steps
  • Helps you make an educated decision about reconditioning steps
  • Eliminates doubt
  • Removes condition based negotiation from the process
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Helps build trustworthy brand name

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Get the full picture: Driveroo & Carfax

While Carfax is a trusted brand that provides car history, the car history alone is not sufficient to know the car’s condition, which is what the buyer is looking for when purchasing a car. Driveroo fills in this gap to provide an extensive customer facing report that show car’s current condition.

Carfax & AutoCheck admit that most vehicle accidents will never show up on their reports. A vehicle history report cannot tell the buyer of any existing or potential mechanical or electrical problems, or the quality of any previous repairs, including any accident repairs.

Knowing of the existing problems helps dealers make educated decisions about the necessary repairs and gives them the bargaining power with the customer.

Vehicle Inspection Report

  • Score and Condition
  • Summary
  • Score Details

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Easy to Get

Use an ASE certified mechanic from Driveroo network in your vicinity or suggest a preferred ASE certified technician who we will hook with an easy to use Drvieroo inspection software in no time.

Our technology makes it possible to identify issues and take action upon needed items without any extra effort, so you could spend less time on reconditioning vehicles and more on matching them with your customers.
Driveroo pre-purchase inspection produces detailed report including a score, condition report and details to view directly through the car care app (COMMUNICATION BETWEEN SHOP/DEALER)

If your pre-purchase shows problems that you would like to repair before selling, simply complete the repairs and the updated inspection will be visible directly from your smartphone via the app.

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