Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) App


Make DVIR easier and faster for operators with a unique, fully visual, digital inspection process that's tailored to fit your DOT requirements.

Guide and Empower Your Drivers

DVIR Simplified

Make pre-trip and post-trip inspections faster and more accurate by showing drivers exactly what to check and when to check it.

A Custom Fit

Ensure Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance and tailor inspection workflows to meet your unique business needs including safety, equipment, uniforms and more.

Instant Information

Get real-time visibility into DVIR inspections completed and issues found. Track missed inspections, inspection time and locations, and automate data collection for DOT audits including complete issue history and resolution.

How it Works


Match DVIR

Provide your drivers with a visual inspection that exactly matches your assets. Incorporate inspection checklists and procedures specific to each unique pre-trip or post-trip inspection process.

Capture Data

Quickly gather critical data from drivers and equipment directly within inspections leveraging pre-selected or free text, voice, IoT, scans, images, video and sign-offs.


Unique DVIR software remembers past issues, approves multiple items in a single tap and embeds micro-training to make trip inspections faster while simplifying operator compliance.

Turn Issues
Into Actions

Smart electronic DVIR provides instant visibility, and issues alerts, voice, image and video details to easily generate work orders for in-house or 3rd party mechanics.

Easy-to-use Intuitive Mobile DVIR

Intuitive visual mobile
Drivers see the exact vehicle. Scan to start and capture data with images, voice, video, or single-tap text.
digital workflow
Tailor DOT-compliant vehicle inspection process with business-specific requirements and integrations to ELD.
and empower drivers
Driver vehicle inspections with embedded instructions and prior issues ensure standards and accuracy.
driver toolkit
DOT pre trip inspection app with digital access to registrations, insurance, fuel management and accident reporting.
Real-time access to vehicle inspection reports ensures visibility into driver compliance with DOT regulations.
Lower costs,
cut downtime
Easy, fast repair work order creation and tracking, and mobile issues resolution keeps vehicles on the road.

Why Driveroo

Loved by Drivers
and Operators

Designed for zero training, easy use with fully visual workflows, tap-and-go inputs, voice commands and online or offline operation.

Complete and affordable

Manage DVIR, assign tasks, get alerts and reminders, manage preventative maintenance, track repairs, fuel and accidents.

Concierge Service

Get a fully customized solution tuned to your business without the need for IT. Use your time to run the business, not learn the software.

Customers Say

Driveroo created a customized driver-focused app that perfectly met our specific needs. As a result, we've got a mobile driver workflow solution that delivers an intuitive user experience for our drivers.
Amazon DSP
We have managed to organize the process with less time wasted that converted into an overall increase in our efficiency.
We have been using Driveroo in our shop for a couple of weeks now and as the service writer actually seeing the inspection with pictures and then being able to send them over to my customers has been amazing! Seeing things helps me be more confident in what I am selling. And our customers absolutely love being able to see what’s going on and makes it a much more transparent process!
Service Advisor
At my company, our mission is to continue to provide the absolute best in remembrance services. To do so, it’s critical that we maintain a quality fleet, prior to Driveroo we could only be reactive, now we have the transparency required to maintain our Fleets in their best possible condition.
Every time my business grew the overhead of maintaining my fleet went up exponentially. I would not have been able to double my business this year without implementing Driveroo.
Amazon Last Mile Fleet Company
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