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    Driveroo Fleet Management
    Business Impact

    Digitizing your fleet operations with the Driveroo mobile fleet management solution can deliver significant savings to your business. In addition to improving operations and providing management with instant visibility into issues and activity, Driveroo saves money in a variety of areas. Based on your responses the following estimates speak to the potential for savings:

    Your Potential Annual Savings

    Reduce Maintenance Costs

    A proactive approach to maintenance dramatically cuts costs. By ensuring instant access to vehicle inspections and issues, maintenance teams can stop problems from becoming major repairs. And Driveroo makes it easier to plan, schedule and assign preventative maintenance tasks. US Dept of Energy studies show that an effective maintenance program can cut maintenance costs by up to 25% and save fleet operators several hundreds of dollars per vehicle annually.
    Maintenance savings

    Cut Equipment Downtime

    Unscheduled equipment downtime doesn’t just increase maintenance expense, it adds to the overall cost of operations. Spotting issues early and responding rapidly, along with preventative maintenance can reduce unexpected breakdowns from 15% to 20% according to surveys from FleetMainetance readers. FleetNet America reports daily out of service costs ranging from $450 to $750 for vehicles. Downtime for heavy equipment is even more costly at $1500 to $3000 a year.
    Downtime savings

    Save Time On Inspections

    Getting your drivers and operators on the job quickly is critical. And your workers don’t want to be bogged down with paperwork. Pre-trip and post-trip inspections are crucial to fleet operations, and Driveroo’s unique visual, digital inspections on mobile devices make them faster and easier. That also leads to more consistent reporting. Driveroo customers report up to 70% time savings on operator inspections.
    Time savings

    Lower Administrative Costs

    Paper is the enemy of all businesses today. The effort, costs and headaches of using, collecting and archiving paper inspections, work orders, incident reports and safety checks just doesn’t make sense. The typical business spends up to 10% on administrative costs. By eliminating paper, you can make a big reduction in that expense.
    Administrative savings
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