Safety Inspection Software

The Easiest Way
to Ensure Safety

Replace paper with mobile inspections that simplify safety checks and promote compliance.

Easier and Faster

Mobile, fully visual, guided digital workflows streamline safety checks and ensure compliance for all skill levels

A Custom Fit

Driveroo easily adapts to fit your safety procedures with the flexibility to define workflows, document issues and assign corrective actions

Instant Information

Complete data collection automated, with real-time visibility, trends and KPI data available and auditable 24/7 in the cloud

EHS Inspection Software

Driveroo safety inspection software allows operators to report safety audits and failures in the workplace right away. It provides EHS managers with the tools to analyze safety inspection data and quickly implement corrective actions.

Speed Up Inspections

Empower your operators and drivers to conduct safety inspections faster, easier and more accurately. Get immediate visibility to issues.

Easily Customize

Your business is unique. Customize safety checklists and digital workflows to meet your specific needs and collect the exact data you want.

Simplify Incident Reporting

Make sure critical reports are complete and accurate with an app that guides operators through the incident reporting process each step of the way.

Get Valuable Insights

Easily build custom reports to quickly identify trends and issues with employee and workplace safety. Dashboards track employee health and safety KPIs to drive continuous improvement. Keep a fully auditable EHS record at your fingertips 24/7.

Turn Issues Into Actions

Create a corrective action on the spot if an issue is detected by your team. Set the due date and priority level, then assign them to the person who should address the issue.

Driveroo Concierge

will help you build inspections compliant to industry standards and regulation

Forget the Paper-Based Nightmare
Make the Transition to a Digital Workflow

Ensure Worker
and Asset Safety
Be Confident
About Compliance
Simplify Safety
Inspection Routines
Manage Reports
and Audits Easily
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