Driveroo technology works for you

  • Driveroo is a Mobile-first experience delivered via the Cloud.
  • Driveroo is an Instant On-Demand platform matching cars with the best available technician. Scheduling is so 2000’s, who has time for that?
  • Driveroo is Smart with proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI). Driveroo AI learns with every service and predicts a problem before it arises. No way? Way!
  • Driveroo is an innovative Technology company with a tiny army of data geeks (ok, ok scientists). Driveroo geeks have integrated first and third party data sources that translate data into predictions.
  • Driveroo is Easy to use, the inspections are guided, specific to your car.
  • Driveroo is 100% Digital, no need for paper.
  • Driveroo Translates data into actionable results. The scoring engine understands the unique parameters of your car and makes it easy to understand condition and costs of repairs.
  • Driveroo is Turbo-Charged with rich graphical data input interfaces (that’s geek talk for pictures) allowing for faster and more precise services.
  • Driveroo provides a free Journal timeline for all cars. It’s like a Facebook for your car.
  • Driveroo Collects and Pays, Driveroo payments are processed by the latest PCI compliant payment processing and payment security technology.
  • Driveroo Protects your private, personal information.
  • Driveroo Integrates into your business. APIs are available.

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